Saturday, August 16, 2014

Young's In Paraphrase

Young's In Paraphrase: A 21st Century Restating of Young's Literal Translation of the Bible Volume 1: The Letters of John and Jude was produced by Randall Newton in 2012. It was published through New10K Publishing. This version consists of letters of John and Jude. The description on Amazon states:

“Young’s In Paraphrase” is designed to introduce Young’s work to a wider audience. Both the paraphrase and Young’s translation are included in the book, separately and alongside each other. Each volume in the series also includes an appendix discussing specific translation challenges encountered, written for those who do not consider themselves serious Bible scholars but who are ready to take their understanding of Scripture to the next level. “Young’s In Paraphrase” will first be published in several volumes, and then re-published as one book when the New Testament is complete.

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