The Bible Reader's Museum eBay Store is your source for Bibles of all shapes, sizes and types. Whether you need a quality Bible for daily reading, a unique translation for study or an economical Bible for sharing - you will find them all here. Many of these are hard to find so grab them while they are still available!

     The Encyclopedia of English-Language Bible Versions is available on and many other sites. Visit the EEBV website for more information or visit the EEBV Facebook page.

Bible Researcher - As the title suggests, this site has a wide range of materials relating to Bible research. Major sections include Greek, Hebrew and Ancient versions of the Bibles. Others are the canon, English versions, Biblical interpretation and an extensive web directory of Biblical research. There are many articles and references throughout the site.
Internet Bible Catalog - This excellent site provides a Bibliography of Bibles (English, Non-English and Parallel) with scans of the covers or the title pages. Sample Scriptures are provided for many versions. A timeline shows important events and translations. There is also a list of Catalogues or Bibliographies about Bible versions.