Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mark and John: The First and Last Gospels

This is a new translation from John Howard Reid called Mark and John: The First and Last Gospels. It is being published by AuthorHouse. He claims to present "the uncensored and restored Mark." This translation is promised to be "an entirely new and even controversial picture of the life and death of Jesus, the Christ." There are no samples of the translation available.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New American Bible

I just saw a page here telling the update time line for the Old Testament of the New American Bible. The NAB OT is apparently finished, but it was decided not to use the 1991 Psalms. The Psalms are now being assigned and revised. Once that is finished, the updated NAB should be ready to publish.

Digital Christian Library

It appears that an excellent web site is off line now. For some time I have been unable to bring up The Digital Christian Library. His Bible scans are some of the best I've seen and were always shared freely. Sorry to see the site gone, but more importantly - pray all is well and blessed with him!

Coverdale 1535 Apocrypha & NT Hardback

Recently I got word from that there was a problem printing the Coverdale 1535 volume covering the Apocrypha and New Testament. That problem has been fixed.