Saturday, December 1, 2018

The New Testament: A New Translation for Latter-day Saints

I just saw a post about this new version:  The New Testament:  A New Translation for Latter-day Saints.  According to the website:

This new translation renders the New Testament text into modern English and is sensitive to LDS beliefs and practices. This translation is readable and accessible for a wider range of readers than the King James Version. The original structure of the New Testament is restored and highlights features such as quotations, hymns, and poetic passages. New and extensive notes provide alternate translations, commentary upon variant manuscript traditions, and historical insights. Where applicable, the Joseph Smith Translation has been included. The notes contain the most complete list of cross-references to New Testament passages in the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants that have ever been assembled.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Second Testament

"The Second Testament" is a tentative title for a new translation of the New Testament contract with Scott McKnight by Intervarsity Press.  You can read IVP's announcement here.

Earlier this year IVP published The First Testament translated by John Goldingay.  You can read more about that here.

Monday, November 12, 2018

The Bridge Bible

Just saw a post on Facebook about another new translation called The Bridge Bible.  The website says:

The Bridge is an easy to read, easy to understand Bible translation for the 21st Century. It is the most dynamic Bible translation available. The Bridge fills the gap between the biblical and contemporary world. It makes the meaning of Scripture clear by providing the context one needs to fully understand the Bible. The Bridge Bible makes it feel like the original authors from the biblical times are speaking directly to you today. In clear and straightforward language, the Bridge faithfully translates the original biblical texts into a user-friendly, easy to understand Bible. The Bridge brings the meaning of Scripture to center-stage and allows the contemporary reader to discover God’s truth through this new, innovative, and dynamic translation.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Revised New Jerusalem Bible

Here's another new one set to come out next year:  The Revised New Jerusalem Bible.

Dom Henry Wansbrough, OSB, translator of the New Jerusalem Bible, has produced a comprehensive revision of this much-loved biblical text, which recognizes the most up-to-date developments in biblical scholarship and written English linguistics, as well as the needs of the Church. The Revised New Jerusalem Bible is a truly 21st-century Bible.
     Since the launch of the Jerusalem Bible more than 50 years ago, one of the most important elements of the JB and the NJB has been their comprehensive study footnotes and book introductions. Inevitably, much of this outstanding scholarship needs to be updated. Dom Henry has written an entirely new set of notes and introductions, which provide context and explanation for all readers of the Bible and will place the RNJB at the forefront of contemporary Bible study.

Available on Amazon and ChristianBook.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Readable Bible

Just saw this one mentioned on Facebook.  It is called the Readable Bible:  The Bible in Today's Language & Modern Formats.
"The Readable Bible is Scripture in today’s formats, the way it would look if Moses, David and Paul were sitting at a computer when God spoke to them."

Sunday, October 14, 2018

KJV, 2016 Edition

Here's another new one I just found this morning.  It is called to the King James Bible 2016.  It was updated in 2016 (according to the PDF).  So far, only the New Testament is available.  You can download a PDF of the NT for free at the website.

Friday, August 3, 2018

ASV, Yahweh Edition

Here is a Bible I have not seen before.  It is a modification of the American Standard Version.  "Jehovah" has been replaced with "Yahweh."  I found it on

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Revised New Jerusalem Bible

The Jerusalem Bible and New Jerusalem Bible have now been followed by the Revised New Jerusalem Bible.  Here's the description from Amazon:

A Bible for study and proclamation. The Revised New Jerusalem Bible presents anew the scholarship, character and clarity of the 1966 Jerusalem Bible (the first modern English version) and the 1985 New Jerusalem Bible. It is a Bible that prioritises accuracy of translation and richness of tone, written that `the message might be fully proclaimed' (2 Ti 4:17). This volume presents the full New Testament and the Psalms, and a comprehensive set of study notes, cross-references and book introductions. `Clear read' style. The biblical scriptures were written to be proclaimed, so the RNJB uses linguistic style and speech patterns best suited for being read out loud. Formal equivalence. The language, concepts and imagery of the original scriptures are presented more accurately by the RNJB than the colloquial approach of many other modern translations. Gender inclusion. The message of the Bible is for all people, so care has been taken to avoid traditional male bias of the English language, while remaining faithful to the meaning of the original scriptures. Revised Grail Psalter. The book of Psalms is based on the text of the 2010 translation of The Revised Grail Psalms. Modern measurements. Ancient systems of measuring and timing have been replaced by modern, metric equivalents. Comprehensive study notes. The notes, cross-references and book introductions of the JB and NJB are replaced in the RNJB by new materials which reflect the fruit of the most up-to-date and ecumenical scholarship. The Revised New Jerusalem Bible has been prepared and edited by The Revd Henry Wansbrough OSB, who was previously General Editor of the New Jerusalem Bible.

The New Testament and Psalms is available now on sites such as Amazon.

The Full Bible is set to be released in April of next year.  It is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Evangelical Heritage Version

I wrote about this one a while back.  It  is the work work of the Wartburg Project.  They've published the New Testament and Psalms.  Visit their website to learn more about the Evangelical Heritage Version.

Bishop's Bible New Testament

I just noticed this today, though it has been out a while.  It is the Bishop's Bible New Testament.

Monday, April 2, 2018

New American Standard Bible Update

Here is part of an e-mail a friend received from Lockman about the update to the New American Standard Bible:
Thank you for contacting The Lockman Foundation.
Our current estimate is to finish editorial in 2018 so that the text is finalized by the end of the year. If we stay on schedule there could be an initial release by mid 2019. Zondervan is planning a full release in 2020. As it's a work in process we've obviously had difficulty accurately estimating our time table. Any information other than this is a rumor and inaccurate, which is unfortunate.
The current plan is to add "2020" to the current title to identify the new text.

Friday, February 16, 2018

"The Alpha & Omega Bible"

I recently received the following information from Pastor Tim Carpenter.  He wrote:
I would like to introduce to you a translation of the bible that I have published, called "The Alpha & Omega Bible". It is very unique. It uses the name "JESUS" in much of the Old Testament. The Old Testament is mostly a revision of Sir Lancelot Brenton's translation of the Greek Septuagint and it also includes the Apocrypha. However, it is NOT solely based on Brenton's translation. The Old Testament translation also considers Paleo-Hebrew manuscripts including the Dead Sea Scrolls. So although the Old Testament is based mostly on the Greek Septuagint, it also considers older Paleo-Hebrew manuscripts in an attempt to restore the actual original Hebrew language bible. The Alpha & Omega Bible includes the New Testament based on the Codex Vaticanus, but influenced also by admissions of the Catholic Church that they changed the text, and all available New Testament comparisons. The words of GOD are in red or bold in Genesis, Exodus, Amos, Micah, the New Testament and a few other select verses throughout the Old Testament. It is a study bible that includes notes that are not based on traditional denominational thinking. It is available in 3 low cost volumes, or a more expensive 5 volumes that offers larger print and larger margins.

It can be downloaded for free, or purchased in paperback at or Amazon.

You can learn more at

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Doric New Testament

Just saw a post about the Doric New Testament on Facebook.  According to Wikipedia,
The term "Doric" was formerly used to refer to all dialects of Lowland Scots, but during the twentieth century it became increasingly associated with Mid Northern Scots.
 A very brief website for this work by Gordon Hay is here.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

NRSV Update

After quite some time, the NRSV will be getting an update.  I first heard about it on Facebook.  Here is a blog post about it on the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Remedy New Testament

Another new item I just heard about on Facebook.  This one is called the Remedy New Testament by Timothy R. Jennings.  It is available in print on Amazon.  It is available for reading online here.  An excerpt from the preface:
Sadly, by the time the Bible was eventually translated into the language of the people, the imposed law construct was deeply engrained orthodoxy. Essentially, all Bible translations have been done by people operating through the lens of imposed law. What this means is that Bible translations artificially introduce imposed law with fear-inducing ideas about God.
This Bible paraphrase offers an alternative. My bias is that God is the Creator, Builder, and Designer and, when He constructed His universe, He built it to operate in harmony with His own nature of love. Thus, God's law is not a set of imposed rules, but the design parameters on which He built life to exist. The Remedy is an expanded Bible paraphrase in which interpretation is filtered through the lens of God's design law of love, the template on which life is built. This paraphrase is intentional in its focus to reorient the Christian mind to God's character of love and His mission to heal and restore humankind, as taught by the early church.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Pure Word

Someone just posted about this item on Facebook.  As always, I post notices about new works but that does not mean I support, endorse or own them.

The website for this work is here.

The description from Amazon is as follows (misspellings original to the description):

The Pure Word is an unprecedented New Testament resource that reveals the original Koine-Greek depths-of-meaning from the time of Christ using breakthroughs in monadic-based hermeneutics. The Pure Word was translated from the original Greek of over 20-years of research and utilitzes a propriority intelligent contextual based systematic translation engine. By it's very nature, the translation process bypasses human influence, cultural and political influence and reveals the the intended depth-of-meaning as originally written and understood at the time of Christ and the early Church. Discover why many consider The Pure Word an invaluable tool to be used alongside your favorite version of the Bible to experience deeper scriptural meaning that has never before been achievable in English.