Tuesday, January 30, 2018

NRSV Update

After quite some time, the NRSV will be getting an update.  I first heard about it on Facebook.  Here is a blog post about it on the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Remedy New Testament

Another new item I just heard about on Facebook.  This one is called the Remedy New Testament by Timothy R. Jennings.  It is available in print on Amazon.  It is available for reading online here.  An excerpt from the preface:
Sadly, by the time the Bible was eventually translated into the language of the people, the imposed law construct was deeply engrained orthodoxy. Essentially, all Bible translations have been done by people operating through the lens of imposed law. What this means is that Bible translations artificially introduce imposed law with fear-inducing ideas about God.
This Bible paraphrase offers an alternative. My bias is that God is the Creator, Builder, and Designer and, when He constructed His universe, He built it to operate in harmony with His own nature of love. Thus, God's law is not a set of imposed rules, but the design parameters on which He built life to exist. The Remedy is an expanded Bible paraphrase in which interpretation is filtered through the lens of God's design law of love, the template on which life is built. This paraphrase is intentional in its focus to reorient the Christian mind to God's character of love and His mission to heal and restore humankind, as taught by the early church.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Pure Word

Someone just posted about this item on Facebook.  As always, I post notices about new works but that does not mean I support, endorse or own them.

The website for this work is here.

The description from Amazon is as follows (misspellings original to the description):

The Pure Word is an unprecedented New Testament resource that reveals the original Koine-Greek depths-of-meaning from the time of Christ using breakthroughs in monadic-based hermeneutics. The Pure Word was translated from the original Greek of over 20-years of research and utilitzes a propriority intelligent contextual based systematic translation engine. By it's very nature, the translation process bypasses human influence, cultural and political influence and reveals the the intended depth-of-meaning as originally written and understood at the time of Christ and the early Church. Discover why many consider The Pure Word an invaluable tool to be used alongside your favorite version of the Bible to experience deeper scriptural meaning that has never before been achievable in English.