Monday, November 24, 2008

Scottish Scriptures

For those of you who enjoy translations in dialects and cognates of English, here are a couple of links for you. These are both for lovers of Scottish translations and paraphrases. The first is Translations and Paraphrases of several passages of sacred Scripture, collected and prepared by a committee appointed by the general assembly of the Church of Scotland: collected and prepared by a committee appointed by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. The second is Scottish Paraphrases: Being the Translations and Paraphrases in Verse of Several Passages of Sacred Scripture

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gospel Comics - "He Lived Among Us"

In re-arranging my Bibles I came across an item I don't remember getting. It is titled "He Lived Among Us." It is a comic book presentation of the Good News about Jesus Christ. It also includes NIV Scriptures on most pages as well as selected Scriptures without comics in the back. The web address is The website offers a free download in English as well as 16 other languages. The web version does not include the NIV text.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Updated, Improved Link Page

Several more links have been added to my links page. now has the Cambridge Paragraph Bible and between and Google Books the entire multi volume Modern Reader's Bible is available. Visit the Bible Reader's Museum and click on LINKS. I have also added categorized links to the site. Categories include "American Bible Society," "New Testaments" and "Slang or Dialect" among others. More categories will be added as time allows.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Southern Fried Gospel of Johnny Mark

The Southern Fried Gospel of Johnny Mark: A Southern Paraphrase was written by Gary Cummings and is available at It is not only a paraphrase in "redneck" English, it is also a transculturation - it resets the story of Mark in the "American South."
Sample: "Listen, your own family will turn you over to be killed. Children will even have their own mama and daddy lynched. Everyone will hate your guts because of me. Don't wait for any rapture, cause you'll have to stick with me to the end of the world to be saved."

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bible Versions on your computer

I am always looking for Bible versions to store on my computer. One excellent (and free) program is E-Sword. There are dozens of Bibles available for this fine program. It has a compare feature that makes it easy to browse differences in Bible versions. I recently found an excellent listing of modules at the E-Sword module website. Click "Bible Modules" on the left to see a list of versions. Click on the version to see if an e-sword module exists for it. I just found William Whiston's Primitive New Testament and the 1977 edition of the NASB there.