Saturday, November 29, 2014

New World Translation early portions

Joshua Holman (who finds many great Bibles) just sent me the links for the first editions of the New World Translation (EELBV #7990). On the Historical Watchtower Publications page are links for the 1950 NT, and the five OT portions (1953-60). If you visit this link you can also download the original scanned images. The entire historical library (containing more than just the Bible portions) can be downloaded via a torrent here. With a torrent, you can choose which files to download so downloading just the Bible portions is easy.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Under the Southern Cross: The New Testament in Australian English

WestBow Press just released Under the Southern Cross: The New Testament in Australian English. Dr. Richard Moore's work is "is the first published translation of the complete New Testament from the Greek of the original into Australian English." E-books can be ordered from WestBow Press. A short sample is available there as well. Printed copies are available on WestBow, Amazon and probably other sellers. Google Books has a better preview available. This is not a slang or dialect style version such as the Aussie Bible or the Laughing Bird Scripture Paraphrases.

Thanks to JH for finding this one!

Tyndale New Testament in a month

The Bible Hunter plan for reading the The New Testament: A Facsimile of the 1526 Edition (Hendrickson Publishers Inc., 2008) in one month.

This plan splits the Tyndale New Testament into 30 roughly equal readings. Readings are split by full chapters. The roman numerals are those on the top right of the right page. The day's reading may end on either the left or right page.

  1. Matthew 1-9, xiii
  2. Matthew 10-17, xxv
  3. Matthew 18-25, xxxviii
  4. Matthew 26-Mark 4, l
  5. Mark 5-11, lxi
  6. Mark 12-Luke 1, lxxv
  7. Luke 2-7, lxxxvii
  8. Luke 8-12, xcix
  9. Luke 13-20, cxi
  10. Luke 21-John 3, cxxiii
  11. John 4-9, cxxxvi
  12. John 10-17, cxlvii
  13. John 18-Acts 4, clx
  14. Acts 5-10, clxx
  15. Acts 11-16, clxxx
  16. Acts 17-24, cxciii
  17. Acts 25-Romans 4, cciiii
  18. Romans 5-14, ccxv
  19. Romans 15-1 Corinthians 9, ccxxvii
  20. 1 Corinthians 10-2 Corinthians 3, ccxxxviiii
  21. 2 Corinthians 4-Galatians 2, ccl
  22. Galatians 3-Philippians 2, cclxii
  23. Philippians 3-2 Thessalonians 3, cclxxiiii
  24. 1 Timothy 1-Philemon, cclxxxvi
  25. 1 Peter 1-1 John 3, ccxcviii
  26. 1 John 4-Hebrews 8, cccix
  27. Hebrews 10-Jude 1, ccxxi
  28. Revelation 1-12, cccxxxiii
  29. Revelation 13-21, cccliii
  30. To the Reader/Errors

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Updated American Standard Version update

Back in 2010, I first heard about a project to update the American Standard Version. Today, I heard (thanks, NS) that some progress has been made. It is called the Updated American Standard Version. It is the work of Christian Publishing House. You can read about it and samples of it at their website.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Graphic "Bibles"

I don't consider "picture Bibles" to be actual Bibles. They are illustrations of Bible stories. Some are more complete than others. But staying home sick today, I got to looking for these works online. I've posted in the past so a few of these may be repeats. But I found some new ones today. I am just listing the ones that have samples or free downloads. Many of these reflect the theology of the writer or illustrator. Some also contain offensive content. I do not agree will all that is written in these. By providing these links I am not endorsing any of these works. These are in no particular order.

The Drought: 3 Retold Bible Stories

I was unable to discover much about The Drought: 3 Retold Bible Stories by Shell Isenhoff. There is a short preview of it on Barnes and Noble's website. The sample shows a story told from the perspective of Nathan, one of King Ahab's guards. Other than that I was unable to find more information on this book. It was apparently a self-published work that is no longer available.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Friday, November 14, 2014

1611 Modern English Translation

I'm not sure what the exact title of this one should be. It is found in a Facebook Group. Visit the files section for downloads of the work that is done so far. It is the work of Jeff Macy. He gives a description of his work here. He describes it as " the only word for word translation from original languages that I know of." While it is called a translation, it is described as "this 1611 kjv modern English translation." It also uses a cross ✝ instead of the "t," numbers (12) instead of the words (twelve), "&" instead of "and," gives bold face to God & Jesus' words, capitalizes only the name of "good" people and places and italicizes Holy Spirit.

Texas Bible Chrome App

Last year, I wrote about the website created by John Dyer. In addition to being a good Bible reading/study site, it allows you to change the way second person plural pronoun is displayed. "You" plural becomes "Y'all" or "You all," etc. He has also created an app for Google Chrome (thanks to DH for this link) which allows you to make the same changes on popular Bible reading websites such as Youversion and Bible Gateway.

To access the settings for the app (in Google Chrome), click on the menu button (it looks like three horizontal bars on the upper right hand side of the screen. Then click on settings, then in the settings menu click on "Extensions." Scroll down till you find "Texas Bible." Click on "Options" to bring up the Texas Bible settings screen. There you can click the circle next to the second person plural style you wish to use. You can also choose to display God's name as "Yahweh." When finished click "save" and close the settings tabs.

Bible Gateway currently has 50 different English Bibles available. Multiply this by the number of options in Dyer's app (8 including the original version). That makes 400 versions just with his app on Bible Gateway!