Saturday, September 24, 2011

Poetic Psalms Translations

There are some poetic translations of the Psalms being posted at the Better Bibles Blog. The translation is by Dr. Brenda Boerger.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Computer Bible Formats

There are many different readers available now for the PC/Windows format. I find that I cannot always get Bibles in a format that I prefer. As a result, I end up needing several different readers.

Some e-books will have DRM - Digital Rights Management. Those have embedded information limiting their usage to the your registered device. I won't attempt to go into the details, but the different software and hardware readers will let you know if you try to open a DRM e-book on an unregistered device/application.

Here are a few of the formats I've found and associated readers:

  • PDF - Adobe PDF format is very popular. Their reader is a free download. For other systems such as Mac, Solaris, Linux, and Android click here
  • MOBI - Kindle Reader as well as others. Click here for their free reading apps for iPhone, Windows PC, Mac, Blackberry, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7.
  • DJVU is a format that isn't widely used. However, I have found a few Bibles in this format. To view it (and convert to other formats), try the DjVuLibre program. It is free and available for several different systems.
  • EPUB becoming much more common. One way to read it is with Adobe Digital Editions. When I purchased e-books from Borders they were in Adobe DRM Epub and PDF. Both of those were readable with Adobe Digital Editions. There are many devices and program to read e-pub format. I read them on my iPad using iBooks (a free application) if they are non-DRM.

    Online readers are becoming more common as well:

    • Christian Book Distributors has an online reader that allows reading of e-books (including some free ones) purchased at CBD.
    • now has the Kindle Cloud Reader.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Original Thought Sacred Scriptures

I think the correct title for this project is "The- Phayshe'ool't-Targum Trans-Literation and Restoration Project". In one file the translation is called "The- Original-Thought Sacred Scriptures" and in another it is referred to as The -1611 King James Version Corrected Version. A sample of the translation will give you a hint of its nature:

At the-first-instant of the-Darkness, there appeared, the-great-t’symbol-of-Lyghte, as a-roaring, Flaming-T’Sword of Fire. Now this, Royal-flaming t’Sword is with, Yahvehe’t, Ælovehe-God, and the-Royal-flaming-t’Sword is found within the-Æloveheim.  This identical-Principle is from the-very-beginning and is always found within the-Æloveheim.  All things are then made by Her; and without Her, there is nothing (John 1:1-3).

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Easy Study Bible

This is a new translation still in the works. It is the work of Trennis Killian. So far he has finished up to 2 Corinthians. Visit his website for more information. There is a free download of the book of James to give you a sample of his work.

The Disciples' Literal New Testament

I just ran across a new version of the New Testament early this morning. It is by Michael Magill, the creator of the New Testament Transline. I first read about it in an article on the Cypress Times. You can download PDFs of the NT at Reyma Publishing. Reyma also has PDFs of the New Testament Transline. has it available in hardcover or in paperback. By the way, remember how expensive the New Testament Transline got for a while? It is back in print again. Amazon has the paperback for $100. There are also some third party vendors with good deals on the hardcover.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Savings Code for Museum Store

Visit my Bible Museum Store for facsimiles of historic English Bibles and save money from now to September 23rd. The code to use at check out is OKTOBERFEST for 15% off your order up to $200. I don't know why chose that word for September, but we'll take the discount, right?

"New New Testament"

Here is a new "version" that you may find offensive. Please be warned before you visit the New New Testament.

Some works I hesitate to even classify as a Bible. This is one of those. It is not a new translation, it is a complete rewrite that presents some new age kind of doctrine. One of my favorite verses is John 14:6. This "New New Testament" renders that as:
Jesus said, "As I am you already are. No one reaches their Divinity without knowing their Identity. (copyright 2011. New New Testament Group. All rights reserved.)
Compare that to the King James Version:
Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

The website did not work properly for me in either Internet Explorer or in Firefox. It appears that the image is too small and the text is white. Wherever it runs over the image it is white text on a white background. Try selecting all the text on the page with the mouse and you should be able to read it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Sale

From now through September 9th, save 20% on items from the Museum Store. This sale is from my publisher, Use the code SEPTEMBER at checkout.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bible Across America

You may remember the recent project called Bible Across America. Zondervan Publishers had an RV travel all across the United States getting people to hand write a verse from the New International Version of the Bible. All those handwritten verses were combined into a Bible and published. It is available on I had a hard time finding any samples or images of the actual pages. If you click on "Buy Now" on the Bible Across America website, there is one picture of a page at the bottom.

Friday, September 2, 2011

ISBC Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the International Society of Bible Collectors will be held in conjunction with a conference at Dunham Bible Museum. The conference is KJV@400: A Story of Biblical Proportions. The following information is taken from the July - September 2011 issue of the Bible Editions and Versions journal:

Place: Dunham Bible Museum at Houston Baptist University, 7502 Fondren Road, Houston, TX 77074

Date: October 28-29, 2011

Donald Brake (Dean Emeritus, Multnomah Seminary)
Gerald Bray (Beeson Divinity School)
Leonard Greenspoon (Creighton University)
David Jeffrey (Baylor University)
Timothy Larsen (Wheaton)
Liana Lupas (American Bible Society)
Leland Ryken (Wheaton)
Robert Sloan (Houston Baptist University)

Hotel: The Crowne Plaza (9090 SW Freeway Houston TX 77074 (713) 995-0123) has a special rat of $89 for those mentioning the KJV@400 conference at Houston Baptist University. They also have a complimentary shuttle to the conference.

Other nearby hotels include:

  • LaQuinta: 6790 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77074 (713-784-3838)
  • Hilton: 6780 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77074 (713-977-7911)
  • Holiday Inn Express: 6687 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77074 (713-776-2633)

Cost: $110 (includes lunch and dinner for both days; $85 for students and clergy

Registration information:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bible Research

I'm sure most of you have seen Michael Marlowe's excellent Bible Research website. But I just noticed this morning that he also has a blog. There are several articles this month with review/analysis of new English Bibles. He also uses it to announce new additions to his main website. Both the web site and the blog are excellent resources for the study of the English Bible.