Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Disciples' Literal New Testament

I just ran across a new version of the New Testament early this morning. It is by Michael Magill, the creator of the New Testament Transline. I first read about it in an article on the Cypress Times. You can download PDFs of the NT at Reyma Publishing. Reyma also has PDFs of the New Testament Transline. has it available in hardcover or in paperback. By the way, remember how expensive the New Testament Transline got for a while? It is back in print again. Amazon has the paperback for $100. There are also some third party vendors with good deals on the hardcover.


  1. After reading the introduction, I have to add that the Disciples' Literal New Testament is the same translation as the New Testament Transline. It is reformatted from the outline format to a paragraph format.

  2. It is dishonest to call this a literal translation since it still uses inaccurate phrases like "forever and ever" where the Greek clearly says "unto the ages of the ages."

    I'll stick with Young's Literal Translation, even if its attempt to preserve the archaic language of the KJV makes it sound more awkward.