Tuesday, October 25, 2022

New Scripture Portions

 Today I've got a couple Scripture portions.  Thank you to J.H. for sending these to me!

1.  The New Book of Genesis  "This is a new, modern English translation of the Book of Genesis, from the original Hebrew together with oral teachings that were passed down for thousands of years. The result is a translation that reveals a clearer picture of the love and devotion of the early Fathers and the kindness of the Supreme Being they were devoted to."

2.  The Lost Gospels of Jesus  "The Lost Gospels of Jesus is a modern English translation of the oldest known lost Gospel manuscripts discovered buried in the Middle East. This includes the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Philip, the Didache, the Secret Gospel of James, the Gospel of the Ebionites and many others."

Both of these are anonymous.

Friday, October 21, 2022

Under The Southern Cross

Here is a New Testament I just read about this morning.  It is Under the Southern Cross:  The New Testament in Australian English by Richard K. Moore.   It is available from Ark House.  From the Ark House website:

In recent decades the distinctiveness of the English spoken in Australia has been recognized by the publication of dictionaries and grammars of Australian English. Given the widely acknowledged role played by Christianity in the colonizing of Australia by the British, and in the subsequent development of the nation, it is appropriate that the New Testament writings should also be available in Australian English.

Under the Southern Cross is the first published translation of the complete New Testament from the Greek language in which it was composed into the everyday English used in Australia.

The translator, who lectured in New Testament at tertiary level for three decades, is a passionate advocate of translations which convey as accurately as possible the meaning and message of the original authors of the twenty-seven writings making up the New Testament in contemporary and intelligible language.

The basis for the translation is the most recent edition of the scholarly Greek text published by the German Bible Society and distributed throughout the world by the United Bible Societies.

About the author

Born in Perth, Western Australia, Richard K. Moore (BA, MA, DipEd, BD, PhD) lectured in Biblical Studies in Queensland, Australia (1974–1978) before becoming Head of the New Testament Department at the Baptist Theological College of Western Australia (1979–2002), now Vose Seminary, and a Lecturer at Murdoch University (1986–2002). His areas of specialization include the doctrine of justification (in Paul, in its historical development, and in English translations), the Synoptic Question, the historical geography of Acts, and the use of the Old Testament by the authors of the New Testament. Richard and Kathleen Mack married in 1965; they have two sons and a daughter, five grandsons and one granddaughter. In retirement Richard continues as a Research Associate at Vose Seminary, publishing in the field of New Testament.