Saturday, December 19, 2015

Living Water Translation

A friend just discovered this work. It is called the Living Water Translation.  It was published by Roy Mayfield in 2014.  The advertisement on Amazon states:
A new style translation of the New Testament scriptures based on more recent studies in linguistics, communication, translation and information theory. As the name indicates, it flows with the smoothness of a living stream.
 There is a website for the translation but it doesn't give much information.  There are no samples available.

Monday, December 14, 2015

New Translation of the 4 Gospels

I received an e-mail from Robert Roberg about his translation of the 4 Gospels and a harmony.  He writes "these writings are unique in that they are written from a monotheist (one God the father only) non-sacrificial, pacifist, non-sacramental, viewpoint."  You can read the Gospels and the harmony for free at his website.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

New Metaphysical Version

I am not sure I should not call this a version of the Bible.  It is supposed to be a metaphysical interpretation of the Bible.  The bits I read in Matthew do not bear any resemblance to the actual Scriptures.  The book of John looks like it at least started from the Scripture.  Here is a sample:
Before there was a physical universe[In the beginning] there was the Cosmic Christ [the Word], which is the ideational power [was with]of the One Reality [God, (Eternal Isness, the Absolute, the Infinite Invisibleness)]; and the Cosmic Christ [theWord] is God expressing Its Godness as the Cosmic Christ [theWord].

This is the work of Bill Holton.  You can take a look for yourself here.

Thanks to JH for this information.

New Fijan Translation Bible

The New Fijan Translation Bible not only presents a new translation of the Bible in Fijan, but also a revision of the King James version.  The English version is found in the parallel Bible.  Free downloads are available here.  This update changes 1,160 words to a modern equivalent.

Thanks to JH for this version.