Saturday, August 13, 2016

New Living Translation 2015 update

The New Living Translation was updated last year.  The text is now available on Bible GatewayHere is a list of the changes made in 2015.

ESV Permanent Text Edition (2016)

The Crossway board of directors and the ESV oversight committee have unanimously decided to make the English Standard Version a permanent text.  They announced 52 changes (you can see the announcement here) which are to be the last ones.  If I were making a permanent text, I wouldn't add the "(2016)" on the end.  But as a Bible reader, I am delighted to hear that there will not a constant string of updates.

UPDATE on September 28, 2016:
As James Snapp noted below, there is now longer a permanent ESV text.  It was permanent for a little over a month.  Yes, Crossway has reversed the decision to keep the ESV unchanging.  You can read a statement by Lane T. Dennis,President and CEO of Crossway about today's reversal here on Crossway's blog.