Thursday, November 29, 2012

Encylopedia is ready!

The Encyclopedia of English Language Bible Versions is done! Unfortunately, although Amazon has a low price, it currently says "ships in 3 to 5 weeks. I certainly hope this won't be the normal time for shipment! The EELBV is also on the Publisher's website (though at a much higher price).

Seeking a rare WWII Bible

I had a question recently by someone who is searching for a rare Bible given to soldiers in WWII. It is red leather with gold trim, King James Version, National Edition, by the Philadelphia National Bible Press(First Page), On the second page it it states Copyright,1941, by National Publishing Company and is numbered 1-100. These bibles were given out by Roosevelt's wife,when the troops were sent to England in 1941. If you know of one of these Bibles would you please contact me? I will forward the information to the interested party.

Friday, November 16, 2012

EELBV goes to printer today!

As long as everything is on schedule, the Encyclopedia of English-Language Bible Versions goes to the printer today! I don't know how long after it will appear in stores but I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Heavenly Fire

This new translation, The Heavenly Fire (THF), is just underway. Currently only Ruth, Zephaniah and part of the Psalms are available.

UPDATE: The translation is in the final stages and preparation for web display will start soon.

The Gospel of Matthew by "FounderChurch"

There isn't much about The Gospel of Matthew by "FounderChurch". Here's what the brief description on says:
Matthew Gospel is a new translation of this great Book of the Bible based on the KJV. Great effort has been expended to preserve as much as possible of the KJV original, while re-creating it in poetic lines and stanzas.

What "Matthew" Really Wrote

What "Matthew" Really Wrote: A Radical New Translation of Matthew's Gospel is a new work by John Howard Reid. It is available for the Kindle (or for the free Kindle software) on You can read a large sample of it on Smashwords. On Smashwords, the short description says that the book of Matthew "contains .. material added by editors and copyists." In this translation, the author "labels all dubious material, including the many inappropriate Old Testament quotations."

Plain Truth Red Letter Bible

I haven't found this one online yet, but it was finished in May. It was supposed to be up online last month. The website states: "The thing that sets this Bible different than any other one you will ever read is that every word of Jesus Christ is in red - IN BOTH the New and Old Testament."

Di Jamiekan Nyuu Testiment

Though many will argue that this is not a dialect of English, its resemblance to English warrants a mention here. I won't get into the debate about cognate language, dialect, completely new language, etc. This is Di Jamiekan Nyuu Testiment being released December 14th (in the U.K.). A sampler is available on the Bible Society website. You may also listen to or download the book of Luke audio files. It is available for pre-order from Bible Society Resources in the U.K.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Three "Tropical English" Versions

Liam Martin was born on the Caribbean island of Grenada. He emmigrated here over thirty years ago. A couple years ago he brought the voices with him when he produced the Tropical English versions of the Bible. There is a Caribbean English, Jamaican English, and Rastafarian English version of the Bible. The Song of Solomon in the Caribbean English is available on the website. His versions are revisions of the Douay-Rheims version.

Each version is available in four volumes:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New URL for Encyclopedia of English Language Bible Versions

I tired very quickly of typing or saying so I purchased another domain name. Now one only needs to type "!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Isaac Leeser's Old Testament

I've added a new facsimile to the Bible Museum Store (click "Facsimiles" then scroll down to "4. 1611 to 1901 Bibles"). It is a facsimile of Isaac Leeser's 1853 translation of the Old Testament. While this may have some errors from the original or the scanning process, it has one advantage over my text edition. The facsimile includes the original marginal notes.

Parallel Bible List Updated

I often use parallel Bibles for my personal Bible study and sermon preparation. A parallel Bible is one that offers more than one version in parallel columns for comparison. A few years ago I made a listing of parallel Bibles, Old Testaments and New Testaments. This morning I updated that list with some newer publications. Please let me know if you find any that I missed.