Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For the Tough Times by Max Lucado

I have joined the Nelson Book Review Bloggers. This, my first review, is on Max Lucado's new book "For the Tough Times."

Max Lucado’s “For the Tough Times” struck me like a personal letter. It felt as though it was written in the style of Paul’s letters in the Bible. I can pick up and receive personal encouragement then share it with others at church. In fact, I plan to share my copy with people who are struggling through “tough times” right now.

Even though this reads like a letter from your pastor, it is not just fluff and good feelings. Lucado has researched the subjects (good, evil, Satan, God’s love). He provides scriptural support for the points he makes. There is a good theology behind his writing. This gives the encouragement we receive even more strength. This isn’t just a good message, it is a good, biblical message.

I was especially helped by the chapter dealing with Satan. Lucado mentions several Bible passages about the devil to provide some background. Then he goes on to show the limitations of our adversary. Too often I have heard Satan presented as a powerful, unhindered monster that does whatever he wants. Lucado, in giving us a biblical perspective, brings our view back into balance. Knowing our enemy can help us greatly in facing the battle.

The size of the book was a surprise. All the other Max Lucado books I have are regular sized hardbacks. This is a small at 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches and short at just 83 pages. But given the personal nature and the potential for ministry use in traumatic times, this turns out to be an excellent sizing choice. This book has a place on my ministry shelf and in the hands of my parishioners.