Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Y'all Version

This has been mentioned in the past, but I believe it has a new website now. It provides options for the second person plural in the Bible. Choose "Y'all," "Youse Guys," "You Lot" or others. Turn your favorite translation into a new version! Visit Y'all Version to try it out.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The Second Testament

This is a new translation of the New Testament by Scot McKnight. I mentioned this back in 2018 when the project was first announced. It is now due to be released by Intervarsity Press in June. For samples of the translation and a description visit IVP here. A sample from their page:
God blesses the beggars in spirit because theirs is Heavens’ Empire. God blesses the grievers because they will be consoled. God blesses the meek because they will inherit the land. God blesses the ones hungering and thirsting for the rightness because they will be satisfied. (Matthew 5:3-6)

Thursday, February 2, 2023

American Standard Version Byzantine Text

This version is an adaptation of the American Standard Version. It is called the American Standard Version Byzantine Text. It is available on the ebible website and on Amazon. The description on Amazon reads:
The American Standard Version, Byzantine Text with Apocrypha is an adaptation of the American Standard Version to the Byzantine Text of the New Testament and includes all of the Apocryphal books, which have been adapted from the English Revised Version, Brenton's Septuagint, and G. Buchanan Gray and adjusted to match the style of the American Standard Version. Minor adjustments have been made to spelling, formatting, and punctuation. All alternate Byzantine readings are documented in footnotes.
Thanks to JH for this find.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Faith Translation

Thanks to a great friend, we have another new translation: The Faith Translation by by John A. Fazio. It is available on Amazon: Samples are being posted on the Facebook page. Thanks to B.B. for his continued research and love for God's Word!