Wednesday, September 20, 2023

James Quiggle Translation

I just heard about this translation of the New Testament (thank you, BB!). This is the James Quiggle Translation of the New Testament. From Amazon's description:
The James Quiggle Translation of the New Testament (JQTNT) is the culmination of ten years of translation and exegesis of the New Testament books. My purpose was to produce a translation that replicated, as closely as possible, what I believe the original readers would have read in the autographs. The 1904 Nestle text was the primary text, supplemented by later editions, trusted lexicons, textual critics, and grammarians, and compared against eight older to modern translations dating from 1535 to 2005. The result is a translation that reflects the vocabulary and grammar of the New Testament text, and accurately communicates God’s word to the believer.

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