Wednesday, April 24, 2013

International English Bible

The International English Bible was recently brought to my attention by a reader (JH). Thanks!

After contacting the translator, Dr. Andrew Jackson, via e-mail, I ended up talking on the phone with him for about half an hour. It was a very interesting talk! He is very involved in mission work in Turkey. Dr. Jackson first started this translation as a base English translation for further translation there. He finished the book of John which is now being translated into Turkish. Then, he saw that this version could benefit other readers and finished the entire New Testament. He is working on the Old Testament now.

The translation was read by a retired junior high school teacher who focused on clarity of meaning. I think that is an interesting choice - it sounds like a great way to be sure it is appropriate for that reading level.

A couple interesting points about his version are: geographical clarifications are included in the text. For instance, in Acts 19:1 we read "Paul took the road through Anatolia (modern day Turkey)." Old Testament references are also included in the text, such as "the words of the Prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 9:1."

The current version has verses grouped by paragraphs. Dr. Jackson is currently preparing a version with each verse numbered for easier referencing.

He is not attempting to make profit from his work. It is available to read for free online, for $0.99 on or for free on iTunes. Of course, if you prefer Paper copies you can order those as well.

I may be using this for my next devotional reading so there may be another post on that experience.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

TLV Psalms with Commentary

In my book, The Encyclopedia of English Language Bible Versions, I listed the Tree of Life Bible: The New Covenant (#9575). It was published in 2011. The Old Testament was anticipated for release this year. Work continues on the OT translation. The TLV Psalms with Commentary: Hope and Healing in the Hebrew Scriptures was released early this year. You may read more about the project on the Tree of Life Bible website.