Monday, September 23, 2019

The Sadducees Torah

I first heard about this one from Simon Birnbaum on Facebook.  It is called Septuagint Torah:  The Sadducees Torah.  It is available on Amazon.  Otherwise, all I know is from the information on Amazon:

The Septuagint was the original Old Testament used by Christians in the first few centuries but was later replaced in western Bibles by the Masoretic Texts. As a result, most early Christian writings are confusing, especially when discussing the chronology of the world. Septuagint Torah is a 21st-century English translation that is easy to understand, using common English versions of Hebrew names instead of transliterated Greek names that are generally found in translations of the Septuagint. When ancient place names are known, such as Uruk, the modern term is used instead of the Greek (Orech) or Hebrew (Erech) translations. Unlike the later Masoretic Texts, the Septuagint was not a monotheistic work, but rather a Hedonistic text, which recognized the existence of many gods, but was dedicated to the worship of one above the others: Ioa, later transliterated as Jehovah or Yahweh.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Plain English Version

Thanks to Joshua Holman for this new version.  It is called the Plain English Version.  From the website:

The Plain English Version (PEV) is an English translation of the Bible designed for Indigenous Australians whose mother tongue is an Aboriginal language. Several books have been published in printed form by the Bible League under the name ‘Simplified English Version’ and can be found on their website in the Indigenous Australians category. A PEV mini-Bible with most of the New Testament and portions from Genesis and 1 & 2 Samuel will be printed in 2020. You can download soft copies below of all that has already been translated.