Thursday, September 28, 2023

Millenial Truth Fusion Version

Today's new find (thank you again, BB!) is the Millenial Truth Fusion Version by John ben Wilhelm. From the Amazon description:
The 'Millennial Truth Fusion Version' is a new Bible version based on analyzing and comparing forty five English Bible versions and translations. It is rendered in easy to follow dynamic equivalence, paraphrase form. Among many revolutionary features are 1.) The order of the books is according to best known chronological order in which they were written. This allows the reader additional insight into what was currently going on in the mind of inspired writers at the time they wrote. 2.) MTFV separates trains of thought, clarifying run-together verses found in most bibles. 3.) MTFV restores the original form of GOD’s name in the places where it existed, differentiating the meanings between god, gods, God, Gods, and GOD, also, between master, masters, Master and lord, lords, Lord, Lords, and LORD. 4.) MTFV integrates original meanings as the inspired writers understood them at the time they wrote. 5.) MTFV employs internal safeguards found in the scriptures themselves as safeguards against mis-understanding individual verses. We challenge the reader to compare MTFV with whatever version of the Bible they may currently be reading or are familiar with. Then, consider if GOD’s word should be rife with confusion and contradiction or clear and understandable without conflicting verses or versions of the Mind of GOD. After all GOD is not a god of confusion, neither is it possible for him to lie. Therefore, if scripture reflects the mind of GOD as most Bible readers believe, it should reflect GOD’s views in a clear and understandable way, as MTFV does.

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