Thursday, September 22, 2011

Original Thought Sacred Scriptures

I think the correct title for this project is "The- Phayshe'ool't-Targum Trans-Literation and Restoration Project". In one file the translation is called "The- Original-Thought Sacred Scriptures" and in another it is referred to as The -1611 King James Version Corrected Version. A sample of the translation will give you a hint of its nature:

At the-first-instant of the-Darkness, there appeared, the-great-t’symbol-of-Lyghte, as a-roaring, Flaming-T’Sword of Fire. Now this, Royal-flaming t’Sword is with, Yahvehe’t, Ælovehe-God, and the-Royal-flaming-t’Sword is found within the-Æloveheim.  This identical-Principle is from the-very-beginning and is always found within the-Æloveheim.  All things are then made by Her; and without Her, there is nothing (John 1:1-3).

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