Friday, September 23, 2011

Computer Bible Formats

There are many different readers available now for the PC/Windows format. I find that I cannot always get Bibles in a format that I prefer. As a result, I end up needing several different readers.

Some e-books will have DRM - Digital Rights Management. Those have embedded information limiting their usage to the your registered device. I won't attempt to go into the details, but the different software and hardware readers will let you know if you try to open a DRM e-book on an unregistered device/application.

Here are a few of the formats I've found and associated readers:

  • PDF - Adobe PDF format is very popular. Their reader is a free download. For other systems such as Mac, Solaris, Linux, and Android click here
  • MOBI - Kindle Reader as well as others. Click here for their free reading apps for iPhone, Windows PC, Mac, Blackberry, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7.
  • DJVU is a format that isn't widely used. However, I have found a few Bibles in this format. To view it (and convert to other formats), try the DjVuLibre program. It is free and available for several different systems.
  • EPUB becoming much more common. One way to read it is with Adobe Digital Editions. When I purchased e-books from Borders they were in Adobe DRM Epub and PDF. Both of those were readable with Adobe Digital Editions. There are many devices and program to read e-pub format. I read them on my iPad using iBooks (a free application) if they are non-DRM.

    Online readers are becoming more common as well:

    • Christian Book Distributors has an online reader that allows reading of e-books (including some free ones) purchased at CBD.
    • now has the Kindle Cloud Reader.

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