Friday, November 14, 2014

Texas Bible Chrome App

Last year, I wrote about the website created by John Dyer. In addition to being a good Bible reading/study site, it allows you to change the way second person plural pronoun is displayed. "You" plural becomes "Y'all" or "You all," etc. He has also created an app for Google Chrome (thanks to DH for this link) which allows you to make the same changes on popular Bible reading websites such as Youversion and Bible Gateway.

To access the settings for the app (in Google Chrome), click on the menu button (it looks like three horizontal bars on the upper right hand side of the screen. Then click on settings, then in the settings menu click on "Extensions." Scroll down till you find "Texas Bible." Click on "Options" to bring up the Texas Bible settings screen. There you can click the circle next to the second person plural style you wish to use. You can also choose to display God's name as "Yahweh." When finished click "save" and close the settings tabs.

Bible Gateway currently has 50 different English Bibles available. Multiply this by the number of options in Dyer's app (8 including the original version). That makes 400 versions just with his app on Bible Gateway!

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