Friday, February 16, 2018

"The Alpha & Omega Bible"

I recently received the following information from Pastor Tim Carpenter.  He wrote:
I would like to introduce to you a translation of the bible that I have published, called "The Alpha & Omega Bible". It is very unique. It uses the name "JESUS" in much of the Old Testament. The Old Testament is mostly a revision of Sir Lancelot Brenton's translation of the Greek Septuagint and it also includes the Apocrypha. However, it is NOT solely based on Brenton's translation. The Old Testament translation also considers Paleo-Hebrew manuscripts including the Dead Sea Scrolls. So although the Old Testament is based mostly on the Greek Septuagint, it also considers older Paleo-Hebrew manuscripts in an attempt to restore the actual original Hebrew language bible. The Alpha & Omega Bible includes the New Testament based on the Codex Vaticanus, but influenced also by admissions of the Catholic Church that they changed the text, and all available New Testament comparisons. The words of GOD are in red or bold in Genesis, Exodus, Amos, Micah, the New Testament and a few other select verses throughout the Old Testament. It is a study bible that includes notes that are not based on traditional denominational thinking. It is available in 3 low cost volumes, or a more expensive 5 volumes that offers larger print and larger margins.

It can be downloaded for free, or purchased in paperback at or Amazon.

You can learn more at

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