Sunday, August 31, 2014

Names Amplification Bible

Names Ampification Bible was produced by Peter Whiffin in 2012. It was published through CreateSpace. This was published in four volumes. Only volume four is available in print. However the entire Bible is available as a Kindle book. The Names Amplification Bible website has a bit of information about the Bible and the author.

  1. The Law
  2. The Prophets
  3. The Writings
  4. New Testament
The description on Amazon states:
The Names Amplification Bible has been produced for readers that wish greater understanding of the Bible. It’s for people who want to know the meanings of the names as they read along. There are 14,565 unique words in the King James Bible, of these more than 2,600 over 17% of the words are names. As a person reads along in the bible many names are not recognized, these names may as well be in a unknown language. How can one learn the bible without knowing the meaning of names? The Author has given you the meanings of the names in the Bible, as an example: Israel = “God prevails” or Solomon = “Peace.” As you read these passages, note the connection of the translated names with God’s intent.

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