Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Greatest Man Alive (Biblical translations Book 1)

The Greatest Man Alive (Biblical translations Book 1) was produced by Arne Jordly in 2013. This version consists of New Testament. The description on Amazon states:

This is a modern translation of the New Testament, the New Pact, into everyday US English. Great care has been taken not to use any words that are not of biblical origin. The text uncompromisingly follows Strong's Hebrew / Greek, the original text from the Koiné, the ancient Greek language. By reading this text it is my claim that you cannot get any closer to the original version based on the exact text the way it was written by the authors such as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and Paul, almost two thousand years ago. The Greatest Man Alive is free from outmoded biblical words and expressions that are often a hindrance to the reader's understanding of the text.

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