Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The New Testament In Plain and Simple English

The New Testament In Plain and Simple English was produced in 2012. It was published through Createspace/BookCaps. I found this quote from Matthew very interesting:

This is the geology of Christ including fourteen generations, from Abraham to David, and from David to the Babylonian exile.
The description on Amazon states:
Have you ever wanted to read the Bible, but every time you open it up to try it just doesn't make sense? BooKCaps is here to help with this translation of The New Testament. This translation is based on the King James Version. It contains both a comparative version of each version and a standalone version of the modern translation.

UPDATE: The preview of the Kindle version has both the comparative version and the standalone version. The preview of the paper copy appears to have only the plain and simple version.

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  1. Perhaps even more interesting:
    "In response, Joseph sought to hide Mary’s condition by sending her away."