Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Kingdom of God Version. The New Testament. Revised.

The Kingdom of God Version. The New Testament. Revised. was produced by Raymond C. Faircloth in 2013. It was published through CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. There is an interview with the translator here. The link above is for the revised edition. The first edition is available through third party sellers here. The description on Amazon states:

Most versions of the New Testament are the product of committees, which generally render the inspired Greek text according to their theological doctrines, many of which came into existence centuries after the New Testament documents were written. This thoroughly revised edition of The Kingdom of God Version expresses the text without those traditional biases. This rendering of the inspired Christian writings avoids much of the jargon as well as dated and inaccurate terms found in the general versions. Also this is presented in contemporary and easy to read English. This presentation of the text deals with a number of issues concerning the syntax and punctuation according to the context. The copious notes in the appendix provide the reasons for many of the phrase choices used. The Subject Concordance has been expanded significantly.

Thanks to DJ for this one.

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