Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Jesus Saga

The Jesus Saga was produced by John Stephen Wright in 2014. This version consists of a gospel harmony. The description on Amazon states:

The Saga of Jesus Christ is a new translation and chronological arrangement of the four gospels that will allow you to experience the life of Jesus the way the apostles did—as it really happened, in their own words.

The Saga features:
  • A powerful, dynamic translation of the four gospels directly from the Greek
  • Parallel passages in the gospels blended into one streamlined narrative that includes every word in all the passages, while eliminating any repetition
  • The words “I command you” highlight all of Jesus’ imperatives, to make His commands as plain to today’s readers as they were to His original disciples
  • Passages in the Old and New Testaments outside the four gospels incorporated to present every word and deed of Jesus recorded in Scripture

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