Saturday, August 16, 2014

The New Testament: The JAV

The New Testament: The JAV was produced by Joel Edmund Anderson in 2013. This version consists of New Testament. The description on Amazon states:

The JAV, therefore, is his attempt to highlight the literary artistry of the New Testament that gets lost in most English translations. He rearranges the order of the New Testament books and includes introductory articles on the nature of the Bible, the Intertestamental period, first century Judaism, as well as brief background articles on the individual books of the New Testament. Hopefully, the JAV will provoke thought and discussion among its readers.
Anderson spent his career teaching English Literature and Bible at the high school level. This is not the same Joel Anderson who produced the Klingon Language Version of the New Testament.


  1. Haha...just to clarify to anyone who reads this, I translated the New Testament JAV, but I had absolutely nothing to do with anything Klingon!

  2. My sister is in your ninth grade bible class so can I get a free copy