Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mark, Matthew, Luke and John: The 4 Gospels

Mark, Matthew, Luke and John: The 4 Gospels was produced by John Howard Reid in 2014. He has also translated Bible Wisdom: PSALMS of Praise and Power newly translated from the Greek Old Testament (2010). The description on Amazon states:

Newly translated from the best recently available Greek texts, this book presents not only the Gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John (placing them in their correct order of composition), but fresh translations of other New Testament books as well. The author is not an adherent of any particular Christian religion and is therefore free to report what Jesus actually said, what Mary and the apostles actually thought, not what various religious bodies think they ought to have said or ought to have thought. Extensive notes accompany the text for readers who wish to probe deeper into the Gospels, their philosophy and their authorship. Other New Testament documents translated in this book include the three letters by John, the Elder; the Letter to Christian Exiles, often incorrectly identified in other Bibles as written by Peter, the Apostle, but actually credited by Peter himself to Silvanus; plus Paul's disputed First Letter to Timothy, as well as his disputed Letter to Titus.

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