Friday, August 1, 2014

The Gospel of Matthew by James Snapp, Jr.

The Gospel of Matthew (The Equitable Eclectic Text in English) by James Snapp, Jr. is a recent translation (2011). There is also an annotated edition. The ad on Amazon reads:
This translation is based on a Greek base-text independently compiled using the principles of Equitable Eclecticism. The readings of the best representatives of the Byzantine, Alexandrian, Western, and Caesarean texts were compared and when a majority of text-types favored a reading, it was adopted, unless a rival variant possessed very strong intrinsic merit. The translation itself is mainly word-for-word, but a non-literal approach was used at some points involving idiomatic expressions. Words that have been supplied to convey the meaning of the base-text are printed in italics.

Thanks to DJ for notice of this version.

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