Saturday, August 16, 2014

Good News! The Life and Teachings of Jesus

Good News! The Life and Teachings of Jesus was produced by Charlie Webster in 2013. It was published through New Century Ministries. This version consists of a gospel harmony translation. The description on Amazon states:

This book is a new translation of the four Gospels blended into a single account with everything from all four Gospels in conversational English. There are extensive footnotes and Glossary articles to provide background information. Difficult-to-pronounce names are all moved to footnotes or the Glossary. There are words in other translations that were not religious words when the Bible was written but that have become so associated with religion that the real meaning has been lost. In this translation, such words are replaced with words or phrases that better communicate the meaning as it would have been understood by the first readers. In some cases, other translations intentionally obscure what was meant to be clear, and this translation seeks to make the original meaning clear in all cases. In several cases this translation corrects what have become traditional translating practices that are clearly wrong.

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