Monday, March 30, 2009

Textament - The Mobile Text Message Bible

This month saw the release of another text message "language" Bible. This one is released by Paul's Mission Press. Like the SMS Bible this is designed to be used on cell phones and mobile pocket devices. It is available (at $3.95 per Testament) for download in both .PDF and for mobile devices. One advantage is the PDF version, allowing wider usage with cut/paste.
n d Bginin God cr8d d heaven n d erth. n d erth wz w/o 4m, n void; n darkness [was] upon d face of d deep: n d Spirit of God movD upon d face of d waters. n God z, Let der B lyt: n der wz lyt. n God saw d lyt, dat [it was] gud: n God dividd d lyt frm d darkness. n God cllD d lyt dy, n d darkness he cllD nyt: n d evng n d AM wr d 1st dy (Genesis 1:1-5).

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