Friday, March 6, 2009

Geneva Bible - Modernized

Here are two projects to produce a modernized spelling edition of the Geneva Bible:

The first is by David L. Brown and William H. Noah. It is a modern spelling edition of the 1560 Geneva Bible. It was updated in 2009, so I'm mentioning it again.

The second is by Steve Zychal. It is a modernized edition of the 1599 Geneva Bible. The New Testament is finished. The Old Testament is undergoing proofreading right now. This edition includes the footnotes as well.


  1. What a blessed work is being done here.

  2. The Zychal version seems identical with the Tolle Lege Press version 2006. I have noticed only rare differences in punctuation. However, Tolle Lege Press claims an impressive board of advisors, while Zychal seems to act alone. I wonder if these two are the same project, or different projects. If different, it is peculiar how perfectly identical the word forms are. Though if the methodology were the same, maybe the result would be the same too.