Friday, March 6, 2009

Tanach Corrected

I'm sorry to be out of touch for so long. Illnesses (mine and families) and a death have kept me away.

In checking back around several sites I've found a few interesting items. If you haven't checked out Look Higher! you should stop by. He has "160 English Bible Versions Online." That includes one translation unique to the site - by the owner of the site (I think). It is called the Accurate New Testament

Another version that caught my eye is the "Tanach Corrected" by Nehemia Gordon. I cannot find the original source for this one. Anyone know where this came from?

He also has a Calvin Bible attributed to the Calvin Translation Society, 1855. I haven't found background information on this either.

Apparently the author has good resources. He attributes the Natural Israelite Bible to Ed Schneider. I cannot find any other reference to that name. On a few others he has names listed I haven't been able to find. I really appreciate this site - check it out and I expect you will find a few versions you haven't seen yet!

I should mention that several of the new version links on my web site are due to this excellent site. You can visit my my humble site at Bible Reader's Museum.

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