Sunday, October 5, 2008

Whole Scriptures Interlining...

Some days I don't look for new versions of the Bible. But it seems I can't get away from finding them anyway! So here is yesterday's find.
     It's hard to say exactly what the version's title is, so I went with the title on the web site. The bottom of the pages that are finished say "Hebrew-Greek Colored Interlinear" so perhaps that is a better title. It is a colorized interlinear with the Hebrew and Greek (yes, both of them in the OT and the NT), transliterations and a translation. Work is still underway on the colorizing process. I haven't been able to find the key to the colors yet. Uses Elohim (and the Hebrew) for God's name, Yahushua for Jesus' name, Mashiyach for Christ.


  1. Dear Friends,
    I was always reading this scripture, colouring to help me. However, today, I could not log into the site why? There is a bug somewhere. How can I get this site again for my reading? my email is Please help. I thank you for your work.


  2. I tried it just now and was able to view the site. Possibly it was temporarily down?