Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New English Bible: New Testament (1961)

     I am always interested to discover differences in editions of Bible versions. As I posted just a few days ago, I recently discovered a difference in the New English "corrected edition." I didn't yet know if there were differences between the 1961 NT and the 1970 NT.
     I pulled out my copy of About the New English Bible (Geoffrey Hunt, 1970, pp. 36-38) and browsed it briefly this morning. There are some differences between the two editions of the New Testament. A few are shown here in the table below:

Mt 9:2b...a paralytic lying on a bed...a paralysed man lying on a bed
Acts 16:1b...his father was a Greek...his father was a gentile
Mt 6:3You must therefore be all goodness, just as your heavenly Father is all good.There must be no limit to your goodness as your heavenly Father's goodness knows no bounds.
Lk 1:34'How can this be,' said Mary, 'when I have no husband?''How can this be?' said Mary; 'I am still a virgin.'

     This table is an example of many like it that appear in The Encyclopedia of English Bible Versions. Please don't use this table without permission.


  1. The good news is that I think there were few, if any, changes to the NT in the 1972 printing.

  2. Thanks Brad. You must be going through the two editions with a fine tooth comb.