Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today's English Version

I need to ask a favor again. I am trying to discover whether something that I read recently is true. The claim is that the first edition of the "Good News For Modern Man" that was published in 1966 had "He had a message for a virgin..." in Luke 1:27. Editions from 1968 (possibly marked "second edition") had "He had a message for a girl..."
I've got several that have the "girl" rendition but so far don't have any old enough to have the earlier version.

UPDATE: Two people were able to come up with a 1966 TEV and it does have "virgin" in Luke 1:27, "The virgin's name was Mary." Thank you to everyone who checked on these!

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  1. I tried to help. I knew that there were a couple of copies of Good News for Modern Man at my parents house. I called and had my step dad go find the copies in the same place they've been since we moved into the house in the seventies (these copies are much older). But sadly, they said "girl."