Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ee By Gum, Lord

     I don't remember how I happened onto this one - I think during a search on That's where I picked up a used copy. This is the Gospels in Broad Yorkshire (1996) by Arnold Kellett. A glossary is included for those of us who don't ever get to hear this dialect spoken aloud. The author writes that this is in the dialect of the West Riding. Specifically, it is the dialect the author "knew as a boy in the Pennine village of Wibsey, just south of Bradford, on the the fringe of Wilfred Pickles territory." It isn't a much used dialect - probably even a dead one by now.
     Parts of this text were actually read by Wilfred on television. This is really just parts of the Gospels - probably a harmonized account. The author retells portions and "teaches" or adds some parts.
     Sample: 'As-ta ivver thowt abaht why it wor in t' little tahn o' Bethle'em wheeare it all started? Well, it come abaht this roooad ...

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