Saturday, August 29, 2015

Free PDF download - Geneva 1599

I just ran across a free download of the 1599 Geneva Bible (text reprint).  It is called "The Patriot's Edition."


  1. This is not entirely a reprinted Geneva Bible as you state. A REPRINT means an exact reproduction of the original. However, the Preface states, " Soon thereafter a team was organized to reset every word, making no changes except these few: modern spelling; proofreading to ensure word-for-word accuracy with the original 1599 edition; and designing an easy-to-read format." In additional, they state, " It has been our attempt faithfully to preserve this single source, rather than consult many editions that would risk producing an inauthentic pastiche. The only exceptions are rare indiscernible sections or words; in those cases we have consulted other editions, indicated by citations in brackets."

    By the way, I do remember reading somewhere or maybe I heard it from the foremost Geneva Bible expert I knew names Naseeb Shaheen, that there is no such edition dated 1599. What I remember on the subject is that it was against the law in the early 1600s to publishing a Geneva Bible, and so what the publishers did to over come being put to death was to date their Geneva Bibles 1599 which put it back before the LAW was put into effect. Publishers on the main land still used their current dates. There is much more to this interesting story about the Geneva Bible vs the new king James version. Also, remember that the Geneva Bible was Calvinist oriented and the KJV was Church of England oriented.

    1. I did not read the preface before posting this. Often I have just enough time to share the link. It is not a facsimile and that is the main point I intended to get across.