Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bible mini-reviews: 4 NASB Bibles

I am always looking at Bibles to see new bindings, new formats or new translations.  Here are some New American Standard Bibles I've come across lately.  These are just mini-reviews as I don't think they need a full length treatment.

Lockman Large Print Compact Bible (ISBN 978-1-58135-157-6).  This is a hand sized Bible (7.5" x 5.125") in black leathertex.  The print is thin, not bold.  It is single column (I really like the layout) with notes on the bottom of the page.  Red letter.  9 point font.  Average paper.  No cross references.  Ghosting can be distracting on some pages.  It cost around $20 (USD).  Preview.

Zondervan NASB Compact Thinline Bible (ISBN 978-0-310-42959-3).  This is a smaller Bible (6.625" x 4.375") in imitation leather.   6 point font.  Average paper and print.  Double column, notes at the bottom of the page.  Double column.  Red letter.  No cross references.  Though it is smaller, this is a low cost ($20 USD) alternative to the Pitt MinionPreview.

World Publishing Slimline Reference Bible (ISBN 0-529-10959-X, NSLBG).  This is another hand sized (7.375" x 5.1") Bible this time in bonded leather.  About 6 point font.  Average paper and print.  Double column.  Cross references and notes in center column.  Red letter. This is out of print but a cheap alternative to the Pitt Minion.  I paid about $10 (USD) for a good quality used copy on eBay.

Zondervan NASB Skinii Bible (ISBN 978-0-310-42366-9).  This is also a hand sized Bible (7.9" x 5.375") in imitation leather hardback.  It is styled to look like the Moleskine notebooks.  Paper is acid free and fairly good.  Print is dark.  8 point font.  Red letter.  Double column.  No cross references.  Textual notes at bottom of page.  Cost about $20 (USD).  Preview.

I liked the print and paper of the Skinii Bible best out of the four.  The layout in the Lockman LPCB was my favorite.  The Zondervan CTB is a nice size but the print is too small for me.  The World SRB is a nice little Bible but again the print is too small for me.

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