Sunday, October 5, 2014

New International Reader's Version updated

The New International Reader's Version was updated in 2014. It was revised to include changes from the New International Version (2011). A friend noticed that in 2 Timothy 3:16 the old NIrV read "man of God" while the new reads "servant of God." In the back of the Bible I purchased, it has a section titled "A Word About This Edition" which says:

This edition of the New International Reader's Version has been revised to include the changes of the New International Version. Over the years, many helpful changes have been made to the New International Version. Those changes were made because our understanding of the original writings is better. Those changes also include changes that have taken place in the English language. We wanted the New International Reader's Version to include those helpful changes as well. We wanted the New International Reader's Version to be as clear and correct as possible.

We want to thank the people who helped us prepare this new edition. They are Jeannine Brown from Bethel Seminary St. Paul, Yvonne Van Ee from Calvin College, Michael Williams from Calvin Theological Seminary, and Ron Youngblood from Bethel Seminary San Diego. We also want to thank the people at Biblica who encouraged and supported this work.

DJ, thank you for the notice of this version!


  1. Brad: The 1998 New International Reader’s Version has "man" in Gen 1:27. The new revision has "human beings" in this verse. They have also moved Selah to the bottom of the page in the Psalms. The text is available on Bible Gateway and can be downloaded to Kindle, Apple, and Nook devices/apps.

    1. Hello again Brad: I went to a Barnes and Noble yesterday and spent some time with this revised edition. In Matt 5:22-23 Jesus uses "brother and sister" (the 1998 version has "brother"). I also saw two editions for sale. There is an edition for kids with the Berenstain Bears (ISBN 9780310744115) and a pink large print edition (ISBN 9780310743996)