Saturday, October 4, 2014

Finding/Buying Bibles

This isn't meant to be comprehensive post about all the Bible stores. But today I noticed that Amazon has a Bible Store. There are selections for the translation; the format (paperback, hardback, etc); the features such as tabs, red lettering, zipper, or snaps; the color; the audience (children, adults); and the purpose (study, daily pew).

Of course, the well known has hundreds of Bibles as well. I've found some Bibles cheaper there, especially when they have sales or "seconds" for sale. The have extra help for those searching for Bibles on their Choosing a Bible page. The Bibles page allows refining your search by age, audience, binding, color, format, helps & features, language, media type, references, series, text color, text layout, text size, DRM, author/artist, publisher, top rated, and discount!

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