Monday, July 30, 2012

Randy Reed Paraphrased Version

So far all I have found is a few verses scattered around the web. I first found the Randy Reed Paraphrased Version on a blog called "Your Daily Verse." It is also featured on the Facebook page, The Psalms a ministry that seeks to make Bible reading a part of your daily life.


  1. All I know is the Scripture ministry he conducts on his blog and facebook.

  2. I’m Randy Reed and I’ve been paraphrasing The Bible since God called me to this specialized ministry back in September 2009.

    The purpose of this paraphrase is to expose as many people to a clear and easy-to-understand version of the Bible as possible in hopes of lighting a spark deep within their hearts, a spark that will ignite a fire that will draw them into reading their own Bibles (whatever version they prefer—KJV, NIV, ASV, NCV, CEV, MSG, etc.), and thus into an ever-deepening relationship with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. ~Randy

    Please "Like" my four paraphrasing ministry pages on Facebook:

    Bible Blessings:
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    The Proverbs:

    1. Randy, do you have all your simplified verses gather in a book ?

    2. Please can I get a compiled version of the entire Bible???

    3. Can I get a phone version of the Bible?

    4. Do you have a bible published I love your paraphrase

    5. Dear Brother in Christ.. I like the version that you have translated and interpreted, Can I have the full version for daily reading and also for spreading the gospel in my coutry

  3. where can one download this version i personally love it ,it really does ignite the fire in me its simplicity just makes you understand things you couldnt.

  4. Where could I buy this Binle, Is so Great, please advise