Friday, July 6, 2012

Christ Emphasis New Testament

When I sent my book, the Encyclopedia of English Bible Versions, off to the publisher, I didn't have much information on the Christ Emphasis New Testament by Edward J. Craddock. My book hasn't been released yet, but I now have more information about Craddock's NT, thanks to the Internet Bible Catalog:

Craddock uses the KJV text, but he emphasizes every word, name or pronoun that refers to Christ. So, in the passage from John, the words JESUS, I, and ME are in all caps and italics. The passage from 2 Timothy is exactly as it appears in the KJV (no words emphasized).

From the Preface: "The CHRIST Emphasis Bible or the CHRIST Emphasis New Testament is based on the fact that the Bible is God's message by the Holy Spirit. God's word, each book and chapter, emphasizes CHRIST in JESUS, the SON OF GOD, the SON OF MAN, the LORD. God speaks by the Holy Spirit through His SON, the LORD JESUS CHRIST, in the message of the scriptures. God's word has its own emphasis and application"

"All references to CHRIST are capitalized and italicized to show the CHRIST emphasis of God's word."

"Each chapter has a CHRIST emphasis, contextual heading and CHRIST emphasis contextual subheadings."


  1. So, in effect, this is nothing more than a KJV with selected ALL CAPS words and headings inserted?