Saturday, July 21, 2012

Latin English Interlinear?

A friend is looking for a Latin/English Interlinear. He wants a line by line edition, not a verse by verse or a parallel. Does anybody have suggestions? Links with examples would be very helpful!


  1. You say that he wants a "line-by-line interlinear" as opposed to a "verse-by-verse interlinear." I think of verses as essentially being lines.

    Did you mean to say "word-by-word interlinear"?

    There are a large number of both online and printed verse-by-verse parallel Latin-English Bibles.

    If he is looking for a word-by-word interlinear functionality, he'd probably be best off with the online Perseus version.

    1. Yes, word-by-word is probably a better description. I believe he is looking for a printed edition as well.

  2. There is the douay rheims clementine vulgate interlinear bible available in hardback leather for £60 from