Friday, July 3, 2009

Judaean Bible

Bill Chamberlin deserves the credit for finding this one: The Judaean Bible by Perry Pena. It is being offered on in print or in a free downloadable PDF. The description given is: "This Bible is a strictly Jewish based RE-translation of the Scriptures which Christianity labels the "Old Testament" and the "New Testament". The Tanakh of this Bible is a reprint of the 1917 Jewish Publication Society's Tanakh, a translation now in the public domain. The Apostolic writings are also RE-translated through their orthodox Jewish and synagogue centered lens. The Second Temple period writings have had the stigma of a "New Testament" removed from them as their composition was never intended to be considered this by those who composed them. Copyright is held on the RE-translation of the Apostolic Scriptures of this volume. In honor of the history involved in this translation this Bible is called the Judean Bible. Judea was the name of the Messiah expectant Jewish kingdom during the second temple period, a period in which the last of these writings were composed."

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