Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hebraic Roots Bible

Somehow, I missed this one till Bill Chamberlin showed me a copy at the Bible Museum. It is the Hebraic Roots Bible by Don Esposito. Don was raised Catholic, joined the Worldwide Church of God, then started the Congregation of YHWH, Jerusalem. The church's website has a download for a PDF copy of the Bible.


  1. I have a question about Titus in this version. Titus 1:7 "not quick to strike with his fist". This is noticeably different from the feminized NIV, "not violent" or the KJV, "no striker". What is the basis found for this translation of that verse in this new and profoundly different way?

  2. Don't read this crap.. his translation is really really bad comparing it to the original manuscripts he claims to have followed so well.
    To see how bad his translation is go here:

    And see how his whole ministry is shown to be nothing more than a deceptive, satanic and mind controlling cult: