Friday, April 24, 2009

Revised English Version

No, I didn't think to see yet another combination of those words for a Bible Version title. But this revision of the American Standard Version did that, just don't confuse it with the Revised English Bible published in 1989 or the Revised English Bible of 1877 done by Benjamin Davies and others. I ran across this version after doing a search (in Google, where else?) for "Unitarian Bible." That led me to an entry on the blog, Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth. There, sure enough, I discovered that there was indeed a Unitarian based group conducting a new version of the Bible. The Revised English Version is being done by the group "Spirit and Truth Fellowship International." Their work can be viewed/downloaded in PDF at the website.

They have posted the entire New Testament, but much of that will be the unaltered ASV as work is still underway. Their intention is to have something for readers to use as work progresses. Updates will be posted as it goes along.

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