Friday, April 3, 2009

Leet Bibles

Someone mentioned the "Leet Bible" to me recently. "Leet" means "elite." It's the so called hacker language that represents letters with other characters. An example is Isaiah 1:1 "tHe v!sioÑ oF ISa!a# t#E s0Ñ 0F @MoZ, WHi¢H hE S4W (øNCe®n!Ñ' JµÐ@# and JerUsa1Em N ThE Ð4yZ øF UzzI@h, jøT#4M, aHAz, AND #EZEkIA#, KiNGz øf JuDAH."

I got to thinking they might have seen one I didn't so I went looking. I found some I hadn't seen before (note that these are not serious translations or revisions and may contain offensive material):

  1. 1337 Bible (Leet Bible) is 50% done.
  2. Alan Gerow started making the 8i8l3 but suffered some system failure and lost the files. The link provided here is an example of using Internet Archive's Wayback Machine
  3. Gerow next developed a script to convert an existing text into the "Leet Speek" created the 1337 5p35K 8i813 (Wayback Machine link again). Gerow is not (or was not at the time of the projects) a Christian.

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